UK Online Casinos – Best UK Casino Sites 2018

In the last 10 to 15 years, the online gambling industry has exploded. The world in general, and the UK in particular, has embraced online casinos, and everyone is benefiting in all kinds of unexpected and brilliant ways. Online gambling means doing away with travel, long flights, hotels, dining expenses, and inconvenience. Instead of hard-to-reach land-based casinos in well-known but distant locales like Las Vegas, it’s now easy to find online casinos that are a click away and accessible either on your computer or – even better – on your mobile device. If you’re new to the world of online gambling, the whole process of choosing a casino, depositing money, and selecting a game can be overwhelming. This is not to say, of course, that walking into a mammoth land-based casino is not overwhelming – it is, and finding the right online casino is actually less scary and way easier. What you want, first of all, is reliability; you want to feel safe and calm.

uk online casinosMost online casinos are secure and trustworthy – but you want to weed out the questionable sites. You can do this, first of all, by heading to a well-known name, one that you’ve heard of that you may even perceive as “famous.” Using a site with a recognizable name like, say, William Hill, will give you the feeling that you’re not involved with some fly-by-night establishment and that, rather, you’re in good and experienced hands. The rule of thumb is that the safest online casinos are the ones that are well-established and that already have a big fan base. You may not love the idea of following the flock, but when an online casino has many members, it usually means they’re satisfied customers. That’s the type of reassurance you’re looking for.

User reviews and critiques by professional reviewers are also indications of a site’s worthiness. A high ranking among industry experts and experienced online gamblers is the goal. Real user reviews – written by real people who have nothing to gain or lose by saying the truth – can guide you to the right place. When you see words like, “classic,” “comprehensive,” “secure,” and, “reputable,” over and over again regarding a particular UK casino, you can pretty much rest assured that your money and confidential details are safe and that you won’t be led astray. Take your time when looking for a good online casino. Research, read, and learn about the subject – there’s so much competition and so much to absorb, but try to be thorough. By educating yourself on the subject of UK casinos, you’ll be ready to choose the one that is right for you (although you should be prepared that the first one you select may not be your final “home”).

What to Look for in an Online Casino

At first, you may not even know what you are looking for when you are searching for an online casino – it’s a vast industry with loads of information. But certain requirements are universal. First, you want to be able to deposit and withdraw funds with complete peace of mind. This means ensuring that your chosen method of payment – whether credit cards or e-banks – is safe and virus-free. You want to be able to understand what you’re doing from the instructions on the casino’s website. It should be easy to find the subject you’re looking for, because confusion is the antithesis of fun, and you deserve to understand what you’re supposed to do, from registering to downloading the software, to navigating the site, to finding your favourite game. In a pinch, you also want to know that you can turn to the site’s customer support team, and that should be a hassle-free process, as well.

Game Selection is a Top Priority

uk online casinosAfter you’ve found a site you can trust, you should check out its game selection. Unless you have one specific game in mind, you want a nice variety, so you can try out different slots, for example, and test drive a range of blackjack variations. It’s true that some online casinos specialise in one type of game, but that’s only appropriate for a member who is a one-game kind of player. As a new player, though, you should have the option of perusing and playing a wide range of games – from slots and video poker, to table games and a variety of card games – so that you’re not limited. When you’re starting out you may be stunned by how many slot games are out there – it’s amazing! (If you’ve been to a land-based casino, you’ll have to keep reminding yourself that, without walls, the possibilities are infinite.) But if you find a site that’s easy to navigate, you’ll also discover that it’s simple to narrow down the slots that suit your taste and before long you’ll be surfing your way through the selection with ease.

Explore the Payouts and Promotions

Payouts differ among the many online casinos, and you want a site that pays out not only to high rollers but also to “low rollers” and beginners. It’s also important to take a few minutes to read about the bonuses and promos that the online casino offers. This is perhaps the biggest thing that sets online casinos apart from land based casinos (along with the convenience, of course): Online casinos will give you free money just for becoming a new member and making a minimum deposit. That means that if you read the rules and conditions, and make a minimal first deposit, the casino will put money in your account and you’ll have more money to play with and more chances to win. That’s a great advantage, so it’s important to shop around for particularly generous bonuses.

Easy on the Eyes

Graphics are important when you’re playing online and that goes for the appearance of the site’s home page, as well as the way the individual games look. You want top-of-the line software that translates into smooth-running games and entertaining themes. You want to be comfortable with the look of the casino; this means that navigation should be simple, which contributes to a better overall experience.

Licensed and Reputable UK Casinos

Going back to the importance of finding licensed and reputable UK casinos, it helps to find a site that will do the research for you, and will eliminate the questionable and hone in on the legitimate. If you plan on playing games on your mobile device – another big plus of today’s online casinos – you should find a site that offers the same benefits to its mobile players as it does to its online members. Read the fine print to assess that the site in question is fully licensed, actually, the print shouldn’t be all that fine, because the information about licensing should be easy to find (usually on the FAQ page or maybe in the About Us section). An authentic license from a recognized governing authority is a must to ensure you’ve accessed a reputable UK online casino.