What happens when you win big at the Casino?

The dream of everyone who walks into the casino with a fistful of chips or opens an account online for that sweet online casino bonus is that one day, you’ll get to leave with millions in your pocket and a permanent smile on your face. While the odds of that happening are rather slim, there’s no one playing slots who wouldn’t gladly take a jackpot win if it walked their way. But what happens after the win? What process do you need to walk through to get that money out of the casino and into your account? This handy infographic will walk you through some of the processes.

The first thing is to verify the win- if you’re in a land-based casino, this will be done by the staff as they will no doubt look to confirm that the machine is functioning correctly. There have been a fair few examples of late where a machine has malfunctioned and the winner unable to claim so it’s important you don’t get too excited. If you’re playing online, you likely won’t have this problem but you’re still free to contact the helpline for the casino to confirm your jackpot and move into the next stage of the process.

Casinos will want to verify your identity before they pay out so most brick and mortar locations will want to see some identification. The most likely piece of ID they will want is a social security or national insurance number so having one to provide will be helpful (if you don’t have it to hand, they can usually hold off on paying out the jackpot until you do). After that, they will probably get your bank account details since it’s unlikely they’ll be able to give you millions in cash (it wouldn’t be all that safe either if you just walked home with it, though if you do go cash the casino will likely offer some security assistance). Obviously, online customers don’t have this problem. The next issue will be a tax, in certain countries, there’s a tax that applies to gambling winnings and the casino will help you get that squared away before you do anything else.

All that’s left then is to decide how you want the money. Cash or Bank transfer? Lump sum or monthly? Whatever you choose, you’re set for life, but try and make sure it fits your needs!

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